O’Farrell Luxury Real Estate Inc. offers a wide range of services tailored to your needs:

1. Organizing the viewing trip
After we provide all the information you need for the properties in our portfolio, we will organize a trip for you to visit the sites. There is no fee associated unless the distance is more than 30 kilometers. The charge in this case will be only the transport expenses (0.25 Euros/km).

2. Legal services
To make our clients’ purchasing process as easy as possible, we take care of all the legal formalities. This includes all the procedure from reservation to signing the notary deed for the property.

3. Financing and insurance
We cooperate with the leading banks and financial institutions in Eastern Europe providing mortgage loans. Also we work closely with leading insurance companies working in the area of real estate, which will ensure a good protection of your newly purchased property.

4. Furnishing
Our team of designers will assist you in furnishing your property and help you achieving high standard of comfort and style. We will offer furniture packs, which will perfectly suit your needs for a traditional local style or modern design.

5. Property management

- Rental opportunities

If you would like to generate rental income from your property you can sign a Rental Agreement with our company. This way we will offer your property to be rented through the tour operators we work with. The rental income will be paid to the client in two stages within the rental season.

- Property maintenance

Depending on your needs we provide flexible property maintenance services. We offer: cleaning, change of linen and towels, inspection visits, security services, and bill payments.
We create long-term income for our clients through a combination of full management and lease programs. Also our clients save money by purchasing, furnishing and reselling their property through our company.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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