About Us

O’Farrell Luxury Real Estate Inc. is founded in 2001 by means of collaboration between National University of «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy» and eight-year real estate expert ownership in USA. Offering our customers better services and widest choices of properties listing, we are on the way to become a leading and professional property valuation among real estate companies, offering property in Earstern Europe for American investors.

Our employees are well educated, dynamic, eclectic and expert in real estate sector. They have served both local and international clients who have been searching for residential or commercial property in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and other country of Eastern Europe.

Our high-profile clients consist of banks, embassies, local and international investors, NGOs and companies, etc.

To be a leading real estate company in property valuation and appraisal services.

We provide you the present and estimated market value of luxury properties with a completed legal service. We base on the principle of ethical behavior to do property valuation and appraisal to meet our customers’ requirements. We are founded to assist our customers in selling and buying properties and in making their investment decisions. We inform you of various properties matching to your requirements. We provide you firsthand information by developing and maintaining excellent working relationship with local authorities

O’Farrell Luxury Real Estate Inc. was founded by three partners each with a consistent real estate background – Hannah O’Farrell, James O’Farrell and Francisco E. Kircher.

The manager of O’Farrell Luxury Real Estate Inc is Mrs. Hannah O’Farrell. She is one of companies founders and realtor with 15-years’ experience.

Marketing Department
With a 8-year real estate experiences in managing property appraisal services, Marketing Director Mr. James O’Farrell is responsible for expanding customer bases, promoting company services and ensuring competitive advantages.

Accounting department
As an Accounting Manager, Mr. Francisco E. Kircher is accountable for bookkeeping and recording accounding transactings along with managing office. He had graduated from Preston University (US Wyoming state) with an MBA degree in management.

Property Department This department is jointly managed by Mrs. Olga Kalinina and Mr. Boris Gvedunskiy. Olga is an External Property Manager and consultant on land development. Mr. Boris Gvedunskiy is an Internal Property Manager. With an 5-year experience in property valuation and appraisal services, he has become a professional service provider. He holds Master’s degree in Management.

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