We provide Property in Croatia since 1999

O’Farrell Luxury Real Estate Inc. is a real estate company with a team of specialists experienced on the Croatian market. We pay special attention to our customer and make sure you feel comfortable with your investment.

All your questions will be answered; all your doubts will disappear as we will show you everything you need to know to make a calculated decision for investing in Eastern Europe. You will always be updated with the latest news; you will always be the first to know of any deals available for you through your investment.

Our Mission
We are selling luxury properties for investors from US and Canada creating great deals for our customers. We offer a full support in the purchasing process, property management, and creating rental income through our targeted rentals strategies.

With O’Farrell Luxury Real Estate Inc. you can generate revenue and create value by investing in a property or buying a home. Regardless of your income level, with us you will find a property to perfectly suit your budget and needs.

Our highly trained associates will make the property search and the day-to-day purchasing process more convenient for the buyers. The investors will be guided in:

- finding a property in Croatia
- organizing the viewing trip
- taking care of all the legal formalities
- furnishing the properties
- property management
- auditing properties
- leasing the properties
- creating additional value for clients through reseals

More information about our services you can get here. Feel free to contact us by Email or phone for any questions.

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About AJgms
O’Farrell Luxury Real Estate Inc. was founded by three partners each with a consistent real estate background – Hannah O’Farrell, James O’Farrell and Francisco E. Kircher.

The company is privately owned so it can pursue solid growth through effective competition on the real estate market in Eastern Europe. A Better Choice developed strong relationships with outside partners in Romania, Bulgaria Croatia and Ukraine, making the purchasing process smooth and trouble-free.

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Hannah O’Farrell, company owner
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